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NEW Thin Light 120W ASUS B00X7MA194H ADP-120ZB BB AC Adapter

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NEW Thin Light 120W ASUS B00X7MA194H ADP-120ZB BB AC Adapter

NEW Thin Light 120W ASUS B00X7MA194H ADP-120ZB BB AC Adapter

Item Specification:

100% Original Genuine OEM ASUS Thin Light AC Power Adapter Charger 120W, it is New Style.

INPUT: 100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 19V 6.32A 120W

Connecter size: 5.5mm 2.5mm, Barrel tip (ref to the picture).

Outlet: 3-prong

Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug

Warranty:12 months

Status: Brand new original & genuine

One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREE(fit your country )

Replace Part Number:

PA-1121-28,B00X7MA194H,ADP-120ZB BB,04G265003420, 04G266006120, 4G266010800, 90-N8BPW3000T

Compatible Models:

Asus N46

Asus N56VZ-S4023V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T5017V

Asus N46V

Asus N56VZ-S4022V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1054V

Asus N46VZ

Asus N56VZ-S4066V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1055V

Asus N46VM

Asus N56VZ-S4044V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T5061V

Asus N46VM-V3034V

Asus N56VZ-S4027V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1064V

Asus N46VM-V3035V

Asus N56VZ-S4086V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1077V

Asus N46VM-S3141V

Asus N56VZ-S4054

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1078V

Asus N46VM-V3031D

Asus N56VZ-S4049V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1080

Asus N46VM-V3030D

Asus N56VZ-S4036V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1082V

Asus N46VM-V3036D

Asus N56VZ-S4035D

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1008V

Asus N46VZ-V3022V

Asus N56VZ-S4026V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1023V

Asus N55SF-EH71

Asus N56VZ-S3047V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1023V

Asus N55SF-DS71

Asus N56VZ-S4096V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1024V

Asus N55SF-RH71

Asus N56VZ-S4054V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1025V

Asus N56

Asus N76

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1043V

Asus N56VZ

Asus N76VZ

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5013V

Asus N56VM

Asus N76VM

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5015V-BE

Asus N56VM-SB71

Asus N76VZ-DH71

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1064X

Asus N56VM-TB71

Asus N76VZ-DH71-CA

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1070V

Asus N56VM-AB71

Asus N76VZ-DS71

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1078

Asus N56VM-S3150V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1007V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1080

Asus N56VM-S3141V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1011V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5082V

Asus N56VM-S3113V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1023V-BE

Asus N76VM-V2G-T1087V

Asus N56VM-S3022V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1026

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5046V

Asus N56VM-S3151V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1027V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5063V

Asus N56VM-S3129V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1032V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5015V-BE

Asus N56VM-S4125V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1033D

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5082V

Asus N56VM-S4157V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1033V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5013V

Asus N56VM-S4034V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1036V

Asus N76VM-V2G-T5031V

Asus N56VM-S4152X

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1037V

Asus G53SV

Asus N56VM-S4032V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1040

Asus G73SW

Asus N56VM-S4047V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1045V

Asus G74SX

Asus N56VM-S3029V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1083V

Asus K53SV

Asus N56VM-S4032V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1083H

Asus N56VM-S4082V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1011H

Asus N56VM-S3054V

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1031H

Asus N56VM-4048X

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1031V

Asus N56VZ-ES71

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1249H

Asus N56VZ-DS71

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1132H

Asus N56VZ-RS72

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1265H

Asus N56VZ-RB71

Asus N76VZ-V2G-T1246H

Asus N56VZ-DH71-CA

Asus N56VZ-S4016H

Asus N56VZ-QH71-CB

Asus N56VZ-S4416H

Asus N56VZ-S4016V

Asus N56VZ-S4415H

The package includes:

1 X
NEW Thin Light 120W ASUS B00X7MA194H ADP-120ZB BB AC Adapter

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